Robin – 3 Brainspotting sessions


3 Brainspotting sessions – £525

Robin is a tough cookie, he pushes through daily, to work, to exercise, to support his wife who he loves to bits but who he doesn’t really understand and finds her emotions too much to bear at times.  He endures situations for much longer than he ought to, physical pain, emotional pain, financial insecurity.

And whilst she has been on a journey to heal from the rejection and abandonment trauma she experienced as a child it feels like she is moving away from him, and he is losing her and so he is experiencing a huge amount of fear.  This in turn is making him behave differently, he is suspicious, angry, defensive, judgmental and retreating.

He acknowledges that he has trauma of his own and finds it so very difficult to talk about how he feels.  Talking about how he feels doesn’t feel safe which keeps him stuck in a cycle of wanting to connect with his wife but feeling too afraid to do it.  Being vulnerable is too much for his system to cope with.  Everyone says its ok to talk but it just doesn’t feel safe.  When he tried to talk before, he ended up feeling worse, feeling more guilty, more ashamed and so it’s safer not to talk.

So, he began with a brainspotting session to break the cycle, to allow him to release some supressed emotions without it overwhelming his system further.  And as he began to release, something shifted in him, and he felt more open to shifting some more.

Reaching out to a relationship therapist felt like the logical next step but when he engaged with this person, she was lacking in compassion and empathy and wasn’t trauma informed so he decided to lean into what his wife had learnt.

So, the next thing they did was they both completed a trauma timeline and even though they had been together a long time there were things they did not know about each other and what they were carrying. And this simple task of writing it down gave her an insight into what he had been carrying and so she became less triggered by what he said and did, and he became less triggered by what she did and said.  And together they identified areas that they could work on together to help each other be less triggered – money blocks, loss, fear. And they started to feel safer and more connected. They healed together.