Charlotte – Integrated coaching sessions


Integrated coaching sessions – paying it forward.

Charlotte wasn’t aware that her mother had narcissistic behaviours and that these had impacted her behaviours throughout her life and as a result she was not able to have boundaries – her people pleasing part was just too strong.

After opening her family home up to a Ukrainian family her life quickly became overwhelming, and this act of kindness started to unpick her feelings of safety and connection within her own home.  She wasn’t able to sleep and experienced a sense of overwhelm and impending doom on a daily basis. Charlotte had already begun treatment with a menopause doctor.

I discussed with my family the prospect of opening our home to a Ukrainian family and we decided against it as our need for safety and connection had to come first after what we had experienced in our lives.  I felt therefore compelled and honoured to be able to be of service to Charlotte and her family.

We had regular zoom sessions and together we raised Charlottes awareness of the impact of her mother’s narcissistic behaviours on her own beliefs and feelings of self worth without blame or judgement. 

Together we explore ways to navigate a way towards the life Charlotte wanted by accepting the past and identifying key triggers and areas to introduce boundaries, which we did slowly and safely.  Charlotte found audiobooks extremely helpful.

Supporting Charlotte and providing her with a hypnotherapy recording and a safe space to unload her experiences enabled Charlotte to identify how her body was responding to what had happened to her, how to communicate more effectively with her husband and her son and to learn how to be kind to herself.

We continue to speak regularly on an informal basis.