Harby – 3 sessions and ongoing support


3 sessions £450 – ongoing support.

Harby suffers from chronic pain and has been attending CBT sessions for 18 months to help herself process what has happened to her.  The CBT sessions are coming to an end, they have been difficult to access due to them being online and 2 hours long.

We met at a local wellbeing centre, and I felt compelled to help her and so I have offered her 3 sessions of Brainspotting in exchange for her paying the hire of a therapy room and fuel.

Concessions are available on a limited basis – whilst I would love to help everyone for free, I have my family to support and the more I can earn the more concessions I can offer.

Harby firmly believes that her health challenges are linked to trauma and is feeling like we have met at just the right moment.