Jenny – Integrated Trauma Informed coaching reframe package


Integrated Trauma Informed coaching reframe package – £450

Jenny has tried many ways to feel in the driving seat of how she feels about her weight over the years and wanting a family life and then having a family life meant that everyone else’s needs came first.

Arriving at the midlife point and entering into the sandwich generation of having children and parents, all needing care and consideration at a time when the body’s natural production of oestrogen (our anxiety management system) starts to either slowly deplete or fall of a cliff meant that the previous coping strategies were no longer working. 

It was difficult to think about what other coping strategies might work at a time when the obligations of family life felt so overwhelming.

And so, Jenny new the time was right, it was new year, and a cancelled trip meant that there were some funds available to find some support. For herself, knowing that if she felt better about herself, it would benefit her family.

I work with clients for a minimum of 3 sessions to ensure that I have a thorough understanding of what has happened to them, where blocks exist and what it is my client wants to understand and then shift for themselves.  Trauma informed coaching provides the bridge from the past into the future.

Jenny is a highly intelligent, compassionate and giving person and is very capable of taking action and needed a gentle shift and a reframe to enable her to achieve her goal of losing weight.

This was her email to me after 2 sessions – she’s keeping the 3rd session for when she wants to explore what she’s learnt further.

“I’m good thanks. Much improved mindset, life’s no different, still the same challenges I shared with you but definitely feeling a whole lot better about myself. Being mindful of why I’m eating and feeling, using the voo breathing and square breathing techniques and conscious when I’m going onto dorsal vagal state.

“Combination of your coaching unlocked my mindset and the weight management program reminding of portion size, menu plans I’ve lost 7 lbs since early January.

“Thanks so much for your help, it really has made a difference.”