Helen – Narcissistic Trauma Informed Coaching package


6 session Narcissistic Trauma Informed Coaching package – £900

Helen is incredibly brave and strong but doesn’t feel that she is because of what happened to her.  She managed to leave what was an incredibly toxic relationship and the devastating effects of what happened to her keep her stuck in a loop of feeling like just as she feels that her life is getting back on track she crashes and drops into a deep feeling of worthlessness and then it takes what feels like forever to pull herself up again. 

She fights against the feeling of hopelessness daily and puts on a brave face, shows up for her family and manages to work and contribute to life but it’s exhausting. And she would really like it to stop but she just doesn’t know how she will ever truly recover.

With Helen I began by inviting her to share with me what she had already done to help herself to identify what blocks had shown up for and to explain why we often self-sabotage. We then discussed self-awareness and how her behaviours are actually protector parts with loving intentions but often with destructive outcomes, let’s take emotional eating for an example.

We explored where Helen wanted to start, what was her biggest challenge and how it would feel if that could be overcome. We shared experiences on learning styles to ensure that the information exchange was accessible to Helen – did she prefer podcasts or videos, books or blogs, writing or speaking for example.

And with each step we built safety and connection. I suggested actions that Helen could choose from to help her move through and encouraged her to keep in contact between sessions to support her as new blocks showed up. Mindset shifts and lightbulb moments happen in between sessions, and I love to hear about these to add to the momentum or to lean in and add support and be of service when those new blocks show up to keep us where we are.

Over the 6 sessions we had I provided information, tools and strategies at a pace that was right to Helen, the interactive engaged sessions meant that each time we spoke Helen was able to move forwards with her knowledge of neuroscience and trauma at a pace that felt comfortable and in line with the direction Helen wanted to move.

Our sessions included positive psychology, healing inner child wounds, raising self-awareness, internal family systems, self-navigation mapping, podcasts, book recommendations, mediations, hypnotherapy and were held via zoom, using messenger, text, WhatsApp and phone support.

Helen’s package took place every week for 6 weeks.  After completing 6 sessions with me Helen now checks in with me for a session once a month to share more examples of healing and where she wants to explore next. Helen has also joined my free and private Facebook group for clients so that I can continue to provide support and ideas for continued healing, life keeps happening after all.