Guy – Integrated Trauma Informed Coaching


Integrated Trauma Informed Coaching – £225 – concession rate applied.

Guy always prioritised everyone and anyone else’s needs above his own.  His dad had been the good guy and he loved his dad and so following this blueprint felt good. Until it started to not feel so good as he would drop everything to have that feel good feeling.

We had 2 sessions on zoom and explored what had happened to Guy to allow him to get curious about where his beliefs came from and how to start to explore how the feelings in his body were acting to protect him and keep in safe but with sometimes the opposite outcome and that was not his fault. 

We are told that we were too young to know what was going on, but our bodies keep the score. Then because we are told we were too young, and we can’t possibly remember that we don’t understand why we feel the way we do.

Without blaming or judging we explored how to gently reframe and shift Guys beliefs to allow him to consider that he could at least join the list of people that deserved to be helped. 

We visualised the queue at Aldi and letting the people with only a few items go ahead of us.  How many times has this been happening to many of us? We help others first and ourselves last and we fall further and further back in the queue. It took a little while for Guy to find the time in his extremely busy life to do this and I enjoyed being patient and flexible and going at his pace. I meet him where his is every time we meet.