Working together

Working together

As a Narcissistic Trauma Informed Coach, I follow my clients lead, we go at your pace, not mine.  As much as I may wish for your healing journey to take as little time as possible, this journey is not about me.

It’s about you. And how I can be of service to you. Free from blame, free from judgement.

It’s about going at a pace that means that you can continue to show up for yourself and your family and include elements of healing along the way.  Building safety and connection slowly.

It is a journey and not a destination.  It is about developing nervous system flexibility and a commitment to continued learning on how to connect with yourself.

You will experience lightbulb moments and moments when you need to hit the pause button and reflect and regroup.

I will hold space for you as we explore together the events that have shaped you, the beliefs that keep you stuck and empower you to use some of the many tools and strategies that I have available to support you as you step into self-leadership and post traumatic growth.

You don’t have to talk about anything if you don’t want to – we can use brainspotting as a safe way to allow you to connect with your body and slowly release the stuck trauma that has been suppressed in your body due to the guilt, shame and judgement that surrounds what happened to you.

We start whenever you are ready, exploring what feels safe to you.

Together we create safety and connection and steadily build on how secure that can feel in our bodies.

Coaching sessions are available:

Online via Zoom, at my home in Castle Donington, Loughborough, Coalville, a walk in nature, alternative venues within a reasonable distance are available upon request (surcharge may apply)

In our sessions we will go deep, we will work with how well you know yourself, we will introduce new tools and strategies to begin shifting behaviours that are blocking you and open up space for feeling better, more quickly. 

How do I decide which option might be best for me?

Please read on to find out more about the different ways we can work together

Micro Coaching – 45 minutes

You want a shorter, targeted session to clarify what you feel is at the root of your blocks – you know yourself. You want to understand the root so you can move forward. 

Curious – 60 minutes

Are you curious about how my approach is different from other experiences or services you may have had or heard about? Would you like the opportunity to explore areas of your life through a different lens without committing too much financially until you are sure this is right for you? This session is intended to raise awareness and highlight where you might like to explore next.

Explore – 75 minutes

You know that a trauma informed approach is what you are looking for and you are keen to explore an area of your life or a behaviour that you want to understand better.  You are ready to explore further.

Deeper – 90 minutes

You know yourself very well and you know that you are ready to go deeper, you want the shift that you are looking for and are prepared to explore more than one area of your life or behaviour.

Coaching Packages

“Practice makes possible” 

Coaching packages take longer so the benefits last longer.

It takes time for changes to become habits – 60-90 days on average.  If it’s a daily habit it may take less time but if the things we want to change are weekly, monthly or are sporadic in frequency it can take longer.  Small shifts lead to moving big blocks. It’s essential to take some time to slow down our approach so that it feels more accessible and achievable and therefore will have more impact in the longer term.

Pause and Level Up

This package of three sessions sets the intention of taking a break from the chaos of daily life to regroup and emerge enlightened and curious. It contains ideas for how to grow and change, why change feels difficult, why we remain stuck and what we can learn to do to move through.

3 Coaching sessions: 30 days

  • Recommended for raising awareness and exploring one key behaviour that has always been there.
  • 3 x 75 min sessions – home reflection pdf
  • WhatsApp support in between sessions

Reflect and Reset

This package of six sessions captures the essence of taking a moment to introspect, gain new insights, and then make positive changes. It includes a deliberate pause for self-reflection followed by a fresh awareness and opportunity to recalibrate what we feel to regain balance and perspective in our lives.

6 Coaching sessions: 60 days

  • Recommended for exploring up to three behaviours.
  • 6 x 75 min sessions – home reflection pdf
  • WhatsApp support in between sessions

Help the Helpers

“Help the Helpers” is an opportunity to provide support to those people we know who step forward to help others. Ensuring they are able to have boundaries in place for themselves will allow them to continue to support others. Providing a space to ask questions and receive support is essential.

Monthly support sessions – 2 hours

  • Recommended to charities and businesses who are seeking to enhance their own trauma-informed offerings to support their volunteers, mental health first aiders, “office go to person”.
  • Topics to be explored agreed in advance
  • Q&A session included