If like me you became a parent without realising the depth of your lack of self-worth you may experience parenting from a very different perspective to those around you who do have a strong sense of self-worth.

Parenting calls upon all of your skills: courage, wisdom, knowledge, patience, love, kindness, compassion and empathy (amongst many other things such as physical and financial??).

So imagine the impact of the daily onslaught of the demands, the uncertainty and change that parenting entails and how it exposes your weaknesses, your fears, your pain.

And you wonder why it feels so hard? Why it looks like other people can handle it (not perfectly) but without the deep sense of overwhelm and despair?

Self-worth.  They have it, you don’t – but you can get it back. You were born with it. Its just been hidden away as a way to cope with your lived experiences.

So lets imagine how parenting would feel if it were possible to develop a strong sense of self-worth? It would feel more forgiving because you would show yourself the same amount of compassion you show others. It would feel safe because you would understand how to ensure you feel safe in your own skin, in your own environment and with those around you.  It would feel enjoyable because you would know how to support yourself so you stay within your window of tolerance the majority of the time.  It would feel strong and able to face the daily challenges as you understand your body, your mind, your triggers and what you need to be able to resource yourself all the time. It would feel curious and safe to be vulnerable, to admit mistakes, ask for a do over, to learn and move forward. It would feel nice.

Creating a space for yourself in your own life where you know in your heart, body and mind that you are enough, you are important, you are worthy and  you are loveable is how it feels to have a strong sense of self-worth.

Life feels better from here. I know. If only they taught this at parenting classes.

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