As part of my certification to become a Narcissistic Trauma Informed Coach I have been trained in the use of Somatic belief reprogramming ™.

Finally – acknowledgement and a modality (an approach) that can be used to process what you feel, not just what you think!

For years the focus has been on thoughts which lead to behaviours but I don’t think I’m anxious. I feel anxious. And I feel anxious before I even know what I’m feeling anxious about so it is clear to me that exploring what you feel and where you feel it is a somatic (feeling) experience that needs to be allowed to take place.

Imagine that you are feeling anxious, you allow yourself to pause, connect with your body to where you are feeling the anxiety (can be in many places and can move or can just be in one place) you pause, you breathe and you allow yourself to experience what you are feeling. You then release that feeling in whatever way comes most naturally – it could be a shout, a cough, a sniff, a movement, a cry, a scream.  Whatever it is, let it out and then find the  belief that is behind it – for me it was that I’m all alone. And then reprogramme that thought or if you are all alone, explore how you can build safety and connection and get curious as to how you can do this. Processing the feeling and belief simultaneously is such an amazing feeling of release.

If you feel all your emotions in one place for example in your stomach then it will take time to explore and connect with each emotion but it will happen. And the more you release one emotion the more you release another emotion and so it goes on and on towards a calmer, more settled more aware life that you can enjoy more than you did before.

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