These values are what my brand stands for, the code by which I live as a coach. They are benchmark against which I measure behaviour and performance. Before and after I do any session or piece of work for wider Narcissism Informed Traumatic Coaching community, I ask myself if it lived up to my values.

Free from Blame

My approach is to focus on healing and growth, not looking to apportion blame or allowing anger to manifest itself. I passionately believe that by helping clients understand what has happened to them – and not because of them – rather than focusing on anger and resentment towards the source of the abuse, the client can use their own truth to fuel their own recovery.

Free from judgement

Most survivors of Narcissistic abuse are caught in a cycle of shame and guilt regarding speaking out about their experiences or shame about what has happened to them. I create a safe and judgement-free space where anything can be shared.  I will stand by you, validating your thoughts, feelings and experiences and hold space for you to be heard.


My programme addresses the whole body, heart and mind systems and addresses any practical or day-to-day behaviours or coping strategies a person is experiencing as a result of the Narcissistic trauma – such as issues with food, nutrition or self-care. I help my clients recognise their behaviours, understand the triggers that lead to those behaviours and work through them at a gentle pace, empowering them to improve all aspects of their lives and the lives of those around them.


I am passionate about the positive and life-changing impact my work can have. My focus is always about empowering my clients to experience post traumatic growth and step into self-leadership (the ability to be in control of and manage one’s own feelings and behaviours). 

All about the Science

My work is firmly rooted in the neuroscience, positive physiology and somatic connection (heart, mind & body) that validate both the impact of narcissistic abuse and the subsequent narcissistic trauma. I am passionate about continuing her education in these fields, sharing my knowledge and raising awareness of Narcissistic Trauma.