Self-employed? Parent? Children experiencing difficulties at school?

I feel the overwhelm just from the words.

Self-employed, so you don’t have the buffer that employees often have.

Parent, so you are living each day as a live show without any chance of a dress rehearsal. Often with more judgement and shame than support or compassion heading your way.

Children experiencing difficulties at school, so you are on eggshells each morning and evening waiting to see if its been a good day or a bad day, every single day. And everyone tells you “they are fine”.

If you are not already aware it is highly likely that you are living in a permanent state of overwhelm. And it’s become the norm and because you may have chosen to have children, may have chosen to become self employed, that it may look like you have the flexibility and freedom to take on more challenges, when the reality is, you simply don’t.

You are simply surviving and getting through each hour and you are exhausted.

I don’t have any magic solutions, I don’t know the ins and outs of your struggles and I expect that you have already tried countless ways to help yourself and nothing seems to work for very long.

And so I’d just like to share what I learnt was missing from my life.

Felt safety and connection with myself.

“What do you mean?” you might ask.

What I mean is that feeling you experience in your body when you acknowledge that you are good enough. That you are important, that you are worthy and you are loveable – just for being who you are.

And you know that you are all of the above because you understand what you need to do for and say to yourself regularly to ensure that you are able to show up as the best version of yourself, coming from a place of love rather than a place of fear.

If you are currently experiencing life from a place of fear you will most likely be in a protective or survival mode.  As a result you may be quick to react, to be defensive, to shout, and you may say it’s because of work or because something didn’t get done when actually it’s because you are not feeling safe and connected. 

You may never have felt safe and connected or you may have felt it and that feeling was lost because of an event that happened to you.

Creating safety and connection for yourself is possible, it takes some reflection and intentional actions but it is absolutely something you can learn…

Creating safety and connection for yourself is possible, it takes some reflection and intentional actions but it is absolutely something you can learn how to do for yourself. Slowly and surely you can create it. For you.  And then you can teach your family how they can do it and when you can all show up from a place of love instead of fear, you will be able to move forwards, together.

“How do I get started?” I hear you say?

Write down the words – safety and connection and reflect on what that might

Look like
Feel like
Smell like
Taste like
Sound like

And use that to create a vision board for yourself.

For me it has been the cornerstone of my family coming together again.

I’d love to help you further with my free facebook group or through one of my bespoke coaching packages.

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Bye for now,

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