Options for working together

As a Narcissistic Trauma Informed Coach, I follow my clients lead, we go at your pace, not mine.  As much as I may wish for your healing journey to take as little time as possible, this journey is not about me.

It’s about you. And how I can be of service to you. Free from blame, free from judgement.

It’s about going at a pace that means that you can continue to show up for yourself and your family and include elements of healing along the way.  Building felt safety and connection slowly.

It is a journey and not a destination.  It is about developing nervous system flexibility and a commitment to continued learning on how to connect with yourself.

You will experience lightbulb moments and moments when you need to hit the pause button and reflect and regroup.

I will hold space for you as we explore together the events that have shaped you, the beliefs that keep you stuck and empower you to use some of the many tools and strategies that I have available to support you as you step into self-leadership and post traumatic growth.

You don’t have to talk about anything if you don’t want to – we can use brainspotting as a safe way to allow you to connect with your body and slowly release the stuck trauma that has been suppressed in your body due to the guilt, shame and judgement that surrounds what happened to you.

We start whenever you are ready, exploring what feels safe to you.

Together we create safety and connection and steadily build on how secure that can feel in our bodies.

How do I decide which option might be best for me?

To help you decide where and how you would like to begin your journey with me I have written about some of the client journeys I have experienced so far. Each one is different.

And after input from my lovely friend Clare I have collated options in a table below for ease of reference.

Free 30-minute call
To discuss how I may be of service to you


Closed and private Facebook group
Group rules and responses to member questions required to gain access.


Available via my website.