Post Traumatic Growth

Imagine being able to turn your pain into your passion and purpose?  

Imagine taking all those painful memories and negative feelings and use them as energy to move yourself towards the life that you want?

Imagine taking time to actually understand what happened to you without judgement, guilt or shame?

Imagine feeling validated, heard and supported?

Imagine knowing that this is all possible for you as it has been for me?

In psychology, Post traumatic growth is a concept describing positive psychological change experienced as a result of struggling with highly challenging, highly stressful life circumstances. 

It is the sunshine that follows the rain.

For me,  post traumatic growth is the most incredible feeling of goosebumps from head to toe every time I put into practice something I have learned that moves me towards the life that I want. 

It starts small and only you are aware of it.  Then it grows and becomes more powerful and others around you notice. 

And then you start to experience it regularly and it becomes part of who you are and how you want to feel daily.  And those closest too you feel it too and your connections deepen… and your safety increases… and you start to live your best life.

If you would like to experience post traumatic growth like I have and do, then let’s get started today.  Let’s get curious together and find those goosebumps for you.