Self Leadership

A key part of my Narcissistic Trauma Informed Coaching is to guide you towards self-leadership.  

Being heard, validated and supported is a wonderful part of healing; being given tools to use to help you heal on a daily basis is invaluable; being encouraged and guided into self-leadership is life changing.

Self-leadership means recognising, exercising and improving your own leadership

Bryant and Kazan (2012) define self-leadership as ‘someone having a developed sense of who they are, what they can do and where they are going. Coupled with this is the ability to influence communication, emotions, and behaviours’.

Have you ever started something new and really wanted to remain committed to it but somehow it just fizzled out?  Did you then maybe say unkind words to yourself such as “no willpower” or “lazy” or worse still “stupid”? Do you feel that others look at you and think that you can’t stick to anything and aren’t as committed as they are?

The fact is that it is a skill set that you haven’t yet learned. A skill set that wasn’t modelled for you in life.  Self-leadership is a skill the narcissist in your life would not have encouraged or allowed you to have. 

It is an essential skill that empowers you to decide what to do,  what you want to do for you to live your life as you want it.  Can you imagine how powerful it would feel to know in your heart, mind and body what you want to do? And then know how to make it happen for yourself?  

That might be a scary thought for you right now…. but you can do it, little by little, step by step; I know because I’ve done it and I’m going to help you.